sandwiches have the potential to unite delicious and high-quality ingredients in an unpretentious and familiar packaging.

Top 6 Healthy Gourmet Sandwich Recipes

Top 6 Healthy Gourmet Sandwich Recipes

Gourmet sandwich recipes typically contain bread, some form of filling such as peanut butter, egg salad, or lunch meat and condiments. Gourmet  sandwich recipes retain the same structure, Move beyond basic techniques and ingredients, and also the everyday sandwich becomes a gourmet extravaganza you will want to make again and again.

Gourmet Sandwich Recipes

  • Restaurant Bolo Burger

This amazingly tasty burger is removed the menu of Bobby Flay’s Spanish-inspired restaurant Bolo. This upscale burger features premium Spanish ingredients for example Serrano ham, Manchego cheese, and piquillo peppers. The homemade smokey aioli adds a richness and complexity towards the burger but is very simple to make.

  • Slow-Roasted Pork Sandwich

Pork shoulder is slow roasted and sliced thin within this recipe for a very tender and flavorful helping of meat. A red cabbage slaw created using red wine vinegar and olive oil tops the pork. Dijon mustard and fresh jalapenos complete this succulent sandwich served on chewy ciabatta bread.

  • Muffaletta Sandwich

The muffaletta sandwich has its own origin in the French Quarter of recent Orleans. This amazing sandwich consists of layers of salami along with other meats, cheeses such as Swiss or provolone, and topped having a chopped olive relish. In this recipe, we’ve added enough Vidalia onion for a nice twist.

  • Grilled Mozzarella Sandwich

Broccoli Rabe (also known as rapini) is a bitter green common in Italian cooking. This delicious grilled cheese sandwich recipe definitely comes with an Italian flavor to it with fresh mozzarella, prosciutto, and broccoli rabe all melted together and piled high on, obviously, Italian bread.