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Spanish dessert recipes including popular classics such as Crema Catalana and Churros. We will also have modern versions of old classics such as Torta de Santiago and some new recipes that you may not have seen before like our Catalan Jam Sandwich.

Flan de Almendras

Flan de Almendras

Different geography, culture and climate contribute to the variety of Spanish cuisine. Spanish way of cooking is as historical and various as its country. Mediterranean root is shown through the country’s love for seafood as well as many rise based dishes. Inner Spain likes to serve hot, thick soup and it is likely to conserve food through salting. And their dessert, oh you’ll love their dessert.

Bienmesabe Canario

Bienmesabe is the name for two different desserts. This simple almond one is from the Canary Islands, while the other dessert is from Andalusia, where it is traditionally made by cloistered nuns in Antequera, in Malaga Province.


Spanish Christmas feast is complete without Turron. Turron is a type of nougat with almonds, and other roasted nuts cooked with honey. To make Turron honey is caramelized and mixed with condiments, stiffly beaten egg whites, and roasted almonds.


These Andalusian sweet fritters are crunchy enough to bring warmth back into your heart. Making a lip smacking serving of Pestinos requires a bit of skill in the art of cooking and frying; hence, don’t be discouraged if you don’t get the recipe right the very first time.





A Majorcan favorite, ensaimadas are warm, yeast-based cakes fashioned into round, coiled shapes. Although delicious, these cakes are time-consuming to prepare, because the dough must be allowed to rise several times.

Crema Catalana

Crema Catalana is sometimes called the poor man’s creme brûlée. And in this match-up, I put my money with the poor man! Served in a humble, shallow clay dish, this custard dessert from Catalonia is hugely popular throughout the country. Creamy egg yolk custard is topped with sugar that is then torched to a crisp.