This Easter, make sure to end your big brunch or hearty ham dinner with an undeniably fun dessert. From homemade Peeps s’mores to pastel pastries, this round-up of springy sweets will have everyone hopping in excitement. As with every holiday, the kitchen is the best place to be. Make sure to take time out of your busy schedule to spend some time cooking with the kids this Easter.

Dessert is a large part of the Easter celebration, towards the delight of sweets-loving kids. Chocolate became an integral part of

Easy Easter Desserts For Kids

Easy Easter Desserts For Kids

Easter in early 19th century, when the exchange of chocolate eggs grew popular in Germany, France and finally all of Europe.
Children can make their very own Easter desserts using the traditional themes, without or with chocolate.


Kids will enjoy designing their own cupcakes. Make a few pretty baskets and then let them loose! You will be surprised at how creative they can be. They will love designing a cupcake for someone and then another to eat themselves. This is what makes Easter memories special. Hang out with the kids in the kitchen this Easter.

Dipped Fruit

Easter means spring, and spring means fruits and vegetables. Use fresh fruit because the base of this super-easy dessert. No heating or cooking is needed when children take fresh strawberries on bamboo skewers and dip them into whipped frosting or cream. Serve on the plate, or eat them along the way.

Bunny Sundaes

You can’t have Easter without bunnies. Scoops of ice cream become curious rabbits with the addition of ladyfingers or long sandwich cookies for ears, chocolates for eyes and a cherry for a nose. Trim thin pieces of licorice for whiskers. Have a camera ready–these desserts won’t last long.

Easter smoothies

Easter smoothies can be a great, healthy treat for kids, and often they don’t even know they are drinking something healthy. Plus it’s a favorite of the Easter Bunny himself. Many fruits and vegetables can be blended into smoothies along with non-fat yogurt, soy milk or other beneficial foods.